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Chemistry Exam 8 Notes - (bonds A saturated solution is...

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Investigation 8 Solutions Content A mixture is a combination of two or more substances A Solution is a mixture in which one substance dissolves and “disappears” in a second substance Dissolving occurs when one substance (solute) is reduced to particles and is distributed uniformly throughout the particles of a second substance (solvent) A saturated solution has as much solute dissolved in it as possible Dissolving involves both kinetic interactions (collisions) and attractive forces
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Unformatted text preview: (bonds) A saturated solution is when a substance is no longer able to be dissolved. A saturated solutions made at the same temperature also have the concentration. Mass of a Solution = mass of the solvent plus the mass of the solute When the particles of a solute dissolve in a solvent the particles of the solvent collide with those of the solute, breaking away particles of the solute and then they mix with that of the solvent....
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