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Chemistry Final Exam study guide

Chemistry Final Exam study guide - Chemistry Final Exam...

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Chemistry Final Exam Study Items Properties of Matter Mass Volume Density Solubility Atoms Displacement-density g/mL grams mL ability to float in water-density Elements Substance Indentify Common Elements in Compounds Compound-two or more elements combined to form a pure substance Chemical Formula Chemical Name Common Name Mendeleyev Periodic Table of Elements Chemical Reaction Evidence of Chemical Reaction Particles Compression of a gas Contraction of particles Motion of Particles Kinetic energy Expansion of particles Role of kinetic energy in expansion and contraction Law of the conservation of mass Equilibrium Temperature Celsius-metric Kelvin-SI unit for temperature Absolute zero Boiling point of water Freezing point of water Phase changes Melting Point Freezing Point Evaporation condensation Boiling point Sublimation Deposit-phase change (gas to solid) Dissolving Homogeneous mixture Four phases of matter-solid, liquid, gas, plasma Mixture Solution Solute Solvent Saturation
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