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Investigation 1 Substances Exam Notes A substance is a form of matter that is different from every other form of matter. It is unique. Three ways to describe a substance is by its formula, chemical name and common name. A chemical reaction is when the starting substances change into new substances Evidence of a chemical reaction 1. bubbling or fizzing 2. color change 3. temperature change 4. forming of a new substance which could be a new gas, liquid or solid.
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Unformatted text preview: The four classes of matter are mixtures, solutions, elements and compounds. • A mixture is matter that consists of two or more substances but are not chemically combined. • A heterogeneous mixture is where the parts of the mixture are easily recognizable. They are not well mixed. • A homogeneous mixture is where the parts are well mixed and very hard to recognize. The parts are not dissolved. This group of mixtures are called colloids....
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