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Name: ________________________________ Date: _____ /_____/_____ Period: _____ Density on the Internet Complete the following table using the Internet program at the address above. Description mass (g) volume (ml) Does it float? Rank Density (g/ml) Blue Square Blue Triangle Red Square Red Oval Pink Square Purple Oval Green Triangle Grey Triangle Tan Rectangle Red/Black Rectangle Find the mass and volume of the objects. Calculate the density of the objects (mass divided by What is the density of the liquid in the pail? ______________________ volume).
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Unformatted text preview: Write “YES” if the object floats, and “NO” if the object does not float. Rank: Number the objects from lowest density to highest density. Questions: 1) Do you notice any correlation (Pattern) between the density of an object and the ability of the object to sink or float? 2) Which object has the greatest volume? _____________________ the least? _____________ 3) Which object has the greatest mass? _____________________ the least? _____________ 4) Which object has the greatest density?_____________________ the least? _____________...
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