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Thrid trimester Exam Study guide - trough Functions of the...

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Third Trimester Final Exam Earthquakes Seismic waves Pressure Crust Mantle Lithosphere Asthenosphere Outer core Inner core Pangaea Subduction Deep-ocean trench Mid-ocean ridge sea-floor spreading plate plate tectonics fault stress tension compression shearing normal fault hanging wall footwall strike-slip fault anticline syncline plateau focus epicenter P wave S wave Surface wave Mercalli scale Magnitude Richter scale Seismograph Seismogram Friction Aftershock Volcanoes Ring of Fire Hot spot Magma Lava Viscosity Mt. St. Helens Sound Waves Amplitude Crest Wave Wavelength
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Unformatted text preview: trough Functions of the Body Systems Nervous Skeletal Cardiovascular Integumentary Lymphatic Immune Respiratory Muscular Reproductive Digestive Endocrine Excretory Concepts Benefits of technology and science for humans in natural disasters Layers of the Earth Convection in the Mantle Plate boundaries meeting in the Pacific Northwest The build up of landforms from geological events Current landforms as evidence of past geological events in the Pacific North west....
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