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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Examples 1. Explain why the following simulation fails to model the real situation properly: Use random numbers 2 through 12 to represent the sum of the faces when two dice are rolled 2. Suppose a couple will continue to have children until they have at least one child of each sex (1 boy and 1 girl). What would the average family size be? Assume both boys and girls are equally likely. 3. Suppose a cereal manufacturer puts pictures of famous athletes on cards in boxes of cereal in the hope o boosting sales. The manufacturer announces that 20% of th boxes contain a picture of Tiger Woods, 30% a picture of Lance Armstrong and the rest a picture of Serena Williams. You want the Tiger picture really bad. How many boxes of cereal do you need to buy to be pretty sure of getting at least one? Your simulation should use at least 10 runs. Chapter 12 Examples 4. Identify the population, population parameter of interest, sampling frame, the sample, the sampling method (including if its random) and any potential sources of bias you can detect and...
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