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1. The probability that it will snow is 0.3. If it snows, the probability that a plane will take off on time is 0.4. If it does NOT snow, the probability it will take off on time is 0.9. Find the probability that: a. It snows and the plane takes off on time b. It won’t snow and the plane will take off on time c. The plane will take off on time 2. On a day in December, the probability it will snow in Boston is 0.4 and the probability it will snow in Moscow is 0.7. Assuming independence, find the probability it will snow: a. In both cities b. In neither city c. Only in Moscow d. Exactly in one city 3. A 7 character license plate is made by starting with one non-zero number, followed by 3 letters,
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Unformatted text preview: followed by 3 digits. In how many ways can we make a license plate, if each license plate is unique? 4. The genetic population consists of a large number of alleles that are of 2 types, Type A and Type a. It is knows that 70% of alleles in the population are of type A. If 2 alleles are picked out at random, assuming independence, find the probability that a. Both are of type A b. One is A and the other is a c. Both are type a 5. The probability a person contracts a certain type of influenza is 0.2. Past experience has revealed that a person who gets the influenza does not recover 0.5% of the time. Find the probability that a randomly chosen person: a. Contracts the flue and doesn’t recover b. Contracts the flu and does recover...
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