ConfidenceIntervals - Statistics & Probability...

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Unformatted text preview: Statistics & Probability Confidence Interval Problems 1. Consider the following situations. Identify the population and the sample, explain what p and p represent, and tell whether it is appropriate to create a confidence interval using what we have learned in class. a. 12 of the 309 employees of a small company suffered an injury on the job last year. What can the company expect in future years? b. What percent of college students have cell phones? 2,883 students were asked as they entered a football stadium, and 243 indicated they had phone with them 2. In January 2002, two students made worldwide headlines by spinning a Belgian euro 250 times and getting 140 heads thats 56%. That makes the 90% confidence interval (51%, 61%). What does this mean? Are the following conclusions correct? Explain. a. Between 51% and 61% of all euros are unfair b. We are 90% sure that in this experiment this euro landed heads on between 51% and 61% of the spins....
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ConfidenceIntervals - Statistics & Probability...

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