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Quiz61 - st dev 7.28 5.1 mean 35.3 14.8 correlation-0.86 a...

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Name: _______________________ Statistics and Probability (Math 80) Quiz #6 (Chapters 8) 1. A taxi company monitoring the safety of its cabs kept track of the number of miles tires had been driven (in thousands) and the depth of the tread remaining (in mm). Their data are displayed in the scatterplot. Miles Tread Depth
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Unformatted text preview: st. dev. 7.28 5.1 mean 35.3 14.8 correlation-0.86 a. Describe the association in context. b. Find the equation of the least squares line c. Explain what the slope of the line means. d. Explain what the y-intercept of the line means. e. What does a negative residual mean in this context?...
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