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1. If the letters in the word BAGEL are arranged in all possible ways, find the probability that: a. The word ends in a vowel b. The word starts with a consonant and ends in a vowel 2. A Geology professor has 5 silicates, 7 pyrites and 8 carbonates in a rock collection. He picks 6 rocks at random for a student to analyze. Find the probability that the professor picked: a. b. 2 silicates c. d. No carbonates e. At least one carbonate 3. Sixteen college graduates have applied for six vacancies in a company.
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Unformatted text preview: How many ways are there in which the company pick six of these graduates to be hired? 4. If among the sixteen college graduates in problem #3 there are 5 women and 11 men and the company wants to hire 4 women and 2 men, in how many ways can they pick six graduates with this constraint? 5. If there are 100 entries in a contest, find the number of ways in which three different prizes – first, second and third – can be awarded if no contestant can win more than one prize....
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