Test2Solutions1 - Statistics Probability Exam#2(Chapters...

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Statistics & Probability Exam #2 (Chapters 7-8, 11-13) Please Show Work, when possible! (If you don't, I can't give you partial credit!) 1. A basketball player has a 70% free throw percentage (meaning that she makes the free-throw 70% of the time that she shoots a free-throw). Design a simulation to estimate how many times this basketball player needs to shoot a free-throw in order to make 3 free-throws. Explain exactly how you would perform the simulation, how many times you would simulate and what you would do with your results to estimate the answer to the question. --Get idd-ica\ blank cards. - drauingt recording the drau wt-d you pi& 3 "mak i+"~e ~ - Pepeat thi5 process clh\ get at \~t O trials. shook i.n pd& to make 3 k thwus, av wage btal ym 2. A headllne m a local newspaper announced "Video game playing can lead to better spatial reasoning abilities". The article reported that a study found "statistically significant differences" between teens who play video games and teens who do not, with teens who play video games testing better in spatial reasoning. Do you thinb the headline was appropriate? ~x~lih. ?:w \Q\\ - %
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Test2Solutions1 - Statistics Probability Exam#2(Chapters...

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