Test21Spring - Name Statistics Test#2(Chapters 7-13 Show...

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Name: ______________________________ Statistics Test #2 (Chapters 7-13) Show Work or Explain Answers for partial credit. 1. Ceramics engineers are testing a new formulation for the material used to make insulators for power lines. They will try baking the insulators at four different temperatures, followed by either slow or rapid cooling. They want to try every combination of the baking and cooling options to see which produces insulators least likely to break during adverse weather conditions. a. What are the experimental units? b. How many factors are there? c. How many levels are there for each factor? d. How many treatments are there? e. What is the response variable?
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2. Sam is preparing sweet potato pies as his dessert for Thanksgiving. The store he shops at sells six sweet potatoes in a bag. He has found that each bag will contain 0, 1 or 2 bad sweet potatoes. Based on experience he estimates that there will be no bad sweet potatoes in 40% of the bags, one bad sweet potato in 30% of the bags and two bad sweet potatoes in the rest. Conduct a simulation to estimate how many bags Sam will have to purchase to have three dozen good sweet potatoes. a. Describe how you will use a random number table to conduct this simulation b. Show 2 trials by clearly labeling the random number table given below. Specify the outcome for each trial in the box below. Trial
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Test21Spring - Name Statistics Test#2(Chapters 7-13 Show...

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