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Math 3B: Project #1 Goal: In this project, I want you to see what kinds of resources you can find on the internet to get help with your math class. I know you guys can google, tweet, download the latest youtube videos, etc… I want you to use these places to find resources for our class. Directions: You can work in a group (max of 4) OR on your own. Regardless if you work with someone else, a few other people or alone, I want you to go online and find 15 resources for this class. You can look at the table of contents for our book (remember we are going to cover chapters 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11) and search topics on the internet. “Resources” for our class could be video clips on how to solve problems, video lectures, lectures from another university, places to get math help, more problems with solutions to problems we will run into later, or other more creative things you can find . I don’t want you to feel confined to doing just the regular things I can think of – if you know something, share it! I won’t pretend
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