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Math 3B - Project #2 Goal: For you to be able to read math text. Any math course you will be in will most likely require a textbook. You will have to read your books! I want you to start (if you haven’t already) really reading some of the technical text and be able to understand it. Directions: Read pages 462 and 463 in our textbook. I want you to rewrite the text in the boxes in a way that you can understand it and in a way that others (including myself) can understand it. This project will be started in class and finished at home. Additional Problems to submit: 7.2: #13 and #29. I want you to explain why you chose the method you did, referring back to pages 462 and 463 and explain how you get to the answer.
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Unformatted text preview: Pretend as though YOU were the one writing the book and that these were 2 Examples you had to show, step by step, in your own Calculus book. Rubric: I will grade this based on whether I can understand what you wrote or not, if the steps you used in solving problems 13 and 29 were correct and if you obtained the correct solutions to problems 13 and 29 in a valid way. I won’t infer anything – you need to be very clear and detailed in your explanations. Due Date: I would like you to email me a copy of your project no later than 2/2/11, 9 pm . You may work in groups (up to 5) or by yourself. Please send it to: [email protected] or [email protected]
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