Quiz2Solutions2 - 1 C~CU~USII-Quiz#2(6.3,4.5,8.1$ . - d...

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1 - C~CU~USII-Quiz#2(6.3,4.5,8.1$ . d Show Ail Work!! 1. hi up, bn:t d~ NOT evakate: Find ztn in~gral for fie volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by x = 4y2 - and x = O about x-axis. Sketch region and a typical slice and shell (cylind 4~3- 9 "1 2. Set up, but do NOT ev@luate: A 10-8, chain weighs 25 Ib hangs fiom the ceiling. Find an integral that calculates the work done
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Quiz2Solutions2 - 1 C~CU~USII-Quiz#2(6.3,4.5,8.1$ . - d...

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