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Multiple Intelligences Survey chart

Multiple Intelligences Survey chart - Compl ete each...

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Compl ete each section by placing a “1” next to each statement you feel accurately describes you. If you do not identify or agree with a statement, leave the space blank. Total each section. I enjoy putting things that have common characteristics into categories Issues about the health or ecology of our planet are important to me Hiking and camping are enjoyable activities I enjoy working in a garden I believe preserving our National Parks is important Putting things in hierarchies (order of importance) makes sense to me Animals are important in my life My home has a recycling system in place I enjoy studying biology (animals) and botany (plants) I spend a great deal of time outdoors TOTAL for SECTION 1 I easily pick up on patterns of sound or rhythms I focus in on noise and sounds Moving to a beat or rhythm is easy for me I’ve always been interested in playing an instrument or singing The rhythm or cadence of poetry really interests me I remember things by putting them in a rhyme Concentrating is difficult if I am listening to a radio or TV I enjoy many kinds of music Musical plays are more interesting to me than serious plays Grade 7 Multiple Intelligences AASD Guidance Curriculum 1
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Remembering the words or lyrics to a song is easy for me TOTAL for SECTION 2 I keep my things neat and orderly most of the time Step-by-step directions are a big help to me Solving problems comes easily to me I am easily frustrated with disorganized people I can complete math calculations quickly in my head Puzzles requiring reasoning skills are fun for me I can’t begin an assignment until all my questions are answered Structure and clear directions help me be more successful I find working on a computer spreadsheet or database rewarding and fun Things have to make sense to me or I am dissatisfied TOTAL for SECTION 3 It is important to see my role in the “big picture” of life I enjoy discussing questions about life Religion is important to me If I have the opportunity, I enjoy viewing art masterpieces Relaxation and meditation exercises are rewarding and helpful I like visiting breathtaking sites in nature I enjoy reading about the ideas of ancient and modern philosophers Learning new things is easier when I understand their importance I wonder if there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe Studying history or ancient culture helps give me perspective or understanding about our world TOTAL for Section 4 I learn best interacting or working with others The more people involved in a project or work, the better I like it Study groups are very good and productive for me
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  • Winter '09
  • Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligences Guidance¬†Curriculum, Multiple¬†Intelligences Guidance, Theselearners expressthemselves

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Multiple Intelligences Survey chart - Compl ete each...

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