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next era - report your findings back to the class via a...

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Information Since the beginning of time we have evolved through four technological eras with each  being more technologically advanced than the one before.  Primitive Agricultural Industrial Informational With today’s technological advancements it will only be a matter of time before we  evolve into a different era.  FIELD TRIP TO THE FUTURE For the next 24 hours will be transported 200 years into the future. While you are there  you are to keep a DETAILED journal about everything you saw and did. You will 
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Unformatted text preview: report your findings back to the class via a page and a half report. (double spaced of course) Here are some things you need to be sure to look for: • What is that era called? • What is school like? • What is transportation like? • What do people wear? • What are schools like? • What are houses like? These are just some ideas, don’t be afraid to get creative!!...
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