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Roosevelt Records - o Genre of music you play i.e rock...

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Roosevelt Records 318 E. Brewster St. Appleton, WI 54911 USA Phone: 902.738.6294 Welcome to Roosevelt Records! Roosevelt Records is honored to have you apart of our talent lineup. Now that you have signed your record deal, Roosevelt records would like you to develop the following to help with the promotion of your group. To fulfill the terms of your contract your group should complete the following promotional tasks: Create a new name for your group/band. Create a poster for your group/band o Should include: group/band name, picture, info, and logo
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Unformatted text preview: o Genre of music you play i.e. rock, alternative, rap, country, childrens, folk, etc. o Logo representing your product • Interview of the band o Should include all members of group/band o drawn storyboard of interview, one picture per frame (should explain what questions are being asked and what’s going on) • Band Introduction and Promotion o Consists of presenting all information o Viewing of Interview. Thank you, good luck as you start your career. Sincerely, Mr. Busch CEO Roosevelt Records...
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