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Structures project criterianew

Structures project criterianew - STRUCTURES PROJECT Some of...

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STRUCTURES PROJECT Some of the oldest structures go back to the Egyptian era, while the newest structures are huge scientific instruments designed to study the infinities of space. Somewhere between these two divisions of time lies the whole history of human beings’ greatest achievements. Below is a list of various structures to choose from for this project. Whichever structure you select, it should be exciting to discover and recreate the worlds’ most famous achievements. Golden Gate Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Sydney Opera House Taj Mahal Mackinac Bridge Epcot Center Eiffel Tower London Bridge Biosphere Sears Tower Hoover Dam International Space Station Great Wall of China Arc de Triumph Vatican Palace Louisiana Super Dome Panama Canal Houston Astrodome Grand Coulee Dam Empire State Building Falling Water Hubble Space Telescope Great Pyramids of Egypt Seattle Space Needle Chunnel Freedom Tower St. Louis Arch The Sky Dome C.N. Tower John Hancock Building Sears Tower TransAmerica Building
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  • Winter '09
  • Suspension bridge, Hubble Space Telescope, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Willis Tower, Skyscraper, Brooklyn Bridge Mackinac Bridge London Bridge Hoover Dam Arc de Triumph Panama Canal Empire State Building Great Pyramids of Egypt Freedom Tower C.N. Tower TransAmerica Building Roman Colosseum Denver Airport Appleton Fine Arts Center New Lambeau Field Me

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