Total Safety Guide edited - General Safety Study Guide...

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Unformatted text preview: General Safety Study Guide Roosevelt Middle School Technology Education 1. Report all accidents to the instructor. 2. NO RUNNING OR HORSEPLAY IN THE SHOP! 3. Always wear safety glasses while working in the shop!!! 4. No talking while operating the power tools. 5. Never remove a safety guard without the instructors permission. 6. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. 7. Think through the operation before performing it. 8. Make all necessary adjustments before turning on the power. 9. Approach every machine like it is turned on. 10. Never leave a machine while the machine is running. 11. Always leave a machine with all adjustments firmly secured. 12. Start and stop the machine yourself. 13. Feed the work only as fast as the machine will cut the material easily. 14. Keep the floor and working surface clean. 15. Do not allow attention to be distracted. 16. Do not crowd around or wait in line to use the machine. 17. Machines should not be used for small operations. 18. Make sure machine is at a complete stop before removing material near the blade. NEVER USE YOUR HANDS!!! 19. Have the instructor check all special set-ups. 20. Unplug the machine for repairing or setting up for a job....
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Total Safety Guide edited - General Safety Study Guide...

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