Evolution First term

Evolution First term - If theyresist,thenconsidered tobe...

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Unformatted text preview: If theyresist,thenconsidered tobe well supportedbut NEVERproven Mosthypothesistestingis attempting-to-falsify Statement... QUESTION:Give youa statement& det.whetherit can be considereda scientifictheory(i.e.ifitis falsifiable ornot.) Goodscientificstatementthatistestable &canbe falsified Still scientificsince falsifiable Tofalsify:findadifferentcolouredswan Therefore notfalsifiable therefore notscientific 2ndstatement:tofalsify all swans shouldbe white Is this statementfalsifiable?How? Whatabout"Some swans are notwhite"? Possible toverify. Somethinggetsintouchwithusorwe findevidence of life. Not realistically possible since may notknow all planets, etc. Therefore notascientificstatement. To falsify :findeveryplanet&checkit. Verifiable? Falsifiable? Falsifiable?No. Therefore notascientificstatement. "There are aliens inmy head" Doesn'tmatterif itsright,wrongor makessense. ONLY- can itbe falsified???? E / Flyingspaghetti monster- "earthwas createdby an invisible, undetectable flyingspaghetti monster" Speciescreatedrecently, independently &don't change.- Hierarchy of org. Ladderof nature scala natura- Time... Are notrelated, created independentlyof eachother& speciesare fixed.Noevolution. Scala natura God Angels Humans Animals Plants Flame Stone Comparative anatomy revealsvestigial structures hd Pigs have 4 fingers/digits butonly 2touchground& are used.. Presence of atail bone - unusedbutstill have it.. Vestigial structures=rudimentary&serve nopurpose forthe animal Shows thatperhaps animals have evolvedfromdifferentspecies One of the firstassertionsthatspeciesevolve&have a commonancestry. Inheritedfromacommonancestorthathad a more functional versionof the trait. Why dowe have them? Smearagainstscience? Pooreducationontopic? NOTeveryone believes/agreeswith evolution. Huge variation amongcountries. Widely acceptedinscientific community. Mostimportanttheory in bio. = Anygoofyidea. Hasa huge amountof evidence supportingit. POPPER If the predictions are un-true thenthere has tobe a hypothetical observationthatproves thatitis wrong= falsifiabilitycriteria Fail toFALSIFY Nota weakness butjustthe nature of empirical science Noway to PROVEa hypothesis tobe correct Evolution November-09-09 10:46 AM Evolution Page 1 Statementaboutthe natural world/phenomenon- Buffon E.g. "all life hasevolvedfromacommonancestor"- Mechanismtoexplainthispattern- Whatsort of forcesmade life evolve fromacommon ancestor- ??(Buffondidn'thave anexplanation)- Pattern:change overtime, betteradaptedtoenvironments Life force thatdrivesthis Everythingevolvingindirectionof greatercomplexity Complexifying&adaptive forces.Complexifying&adaptive forces....
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Evolution First term - If theyresist,thenconsidered tobe...

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