JPNS- skit presentation

JPNS- skit presentation - For extra credits We will give...

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Let's Skit! / Voluntary Project  (Final JPNS102) ∑ Who?-  Those who  want to perform a skit in Japanese  ∑ When?- April 28 (Wed)   Give your TA the scripts in Japanese by April 19 (M) (Deadline) .  You should let your TA know  by April 12 (M)  and ask your TA or  Instructor for help when you are making scripts. play which you will be performing. Make a story which everyone will  be enjoying.  ∑ How?- Make a group of 2 or 3(Maximum=4 people),  make an  interesting story, practice for the performance, perform your play  in class on the date above.   You have to compose sentences, but  you can ask your teacher/TA for proofreading.
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Unformatted text preview: For extra credits. We will give you up to 3 % (counting toward the grade) 3 = exceptional / 2 = excellent / 1 = good Criteria for the performance ∑ Time Length: 3~10 minutes( Longest:10 minutes/ Shortest: 3 minutes.) ∑ Content: Make an interesting & funny story everybody likes. ∑ Performance: Whether the performance is well prepared. ∑ Participation: Everyone in the group should participate equal portion. ∑ Japanese Language: You should use as many expressions you learned in JPNS 101/102 ( especially the recent chapters ) as possible. Prize: What will Best Skit Participants get? (These Awards will be chosen by the audience. ) Awards are not related to the extra credit calculation ....
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JPNS- skit presentation - For extra credits We will give...

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