Case 8.6 (2)

Case 8.6 (2) - for putting their safety at risk during the...

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Kenny Hassinger 12/8/2010 Acctg 403W Case 8.6 1. I would probably accept the audit engagement but under certain security conditions that allowed my safety to be preserved. I believe that as long as my safety was mostly guaranteed I would perform the engagement. The only other alternatives besides asking for safety are asking for a new assignment or leaving the company. 2. Yes, I believe it is perfectly natural for a company to ask their employees to do something like this. However I do strongly believe these people should be paid substantially more
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Unformatted text preview: for putting their safety at risk during the audit engagement. There should never be a question of whether or not you will perform the audit, but whether or not you will get paid extra. Another thing they could ask for would be the request of life insurance policy paid by the company just in case something does happen, so that your family will happily be reimbursed a large life insurance payout....
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