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Media Use Log Name ________________________ For three consecutive days, keep track of all the mass media you consume. Keep a tally on a separate sheet and record your totals for each media here. Then total up all media use at the bottom of the columns. After completing your log, please answer the questions on the back side of this sheet. This may be handwritten. You do not need to submit your tally sheet. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Date ______ Date ______ Date ______ Hrs.:Mins. Hrs.:Mins. Hrs.:Mins. Books for pleasure Internet (for news & information) Internet (for personal or entertainment) Magazines (printed) Movies (at home – DVD, Tapes) Movies (in theater) Newspapers (printed) Radio Recorded music (Cds,
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Unformatted text preview: MP3s, etc.) Textbooks & other required reading TV Video games (on computer or game system) Other mass media (please list what kind) Total Name ________________________ Answer these questions after completing your log. 1. What patterns did you find in your media intake? 2. What surprised you most about your media use? 3. Did you find yourself in a room with friends, family or anyone else when people were using different forms of media? What does the abundance of media platforms do to human interaction? 4. How do you prefer to get your information? 5. What is the purpose of the majority of your media intake? Entertainment? Gaining knowledge? Eliminating boredom? Stalking people? Homework?...
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medialog - MP3s, etc.) Textbooks & other...

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