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Persuasion - SC 2112 PERSUASION Temple University Dr Josh Hanan [email protected] Office Hours T/Th 2:00-3:30 pm(and by appointment 224 Weiss

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SC 2112 P ERSUASION Temple University Dr. Josh Hanan, [email protected] Office Hours: T/Th 2:00-3:30 pm (and by appointment), 224 Weiss Hall Office Phone: 215-204-0532 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION This course is an introduction to persuasion in its various contexts, from political campaigns to advertising campaigns, from the President of the United States to popular music, from the nightly news to used car sales. The goal of this course is to encourage you to receive persuasive messages with an analytical and critical mindset. This is a reception- oriented class. This means we will be taking apart persuasive messages in order to better understand how influence is wielded in everyday communication settings like interpersonal relationships, television news, popular culture, and political speech. This is not primarily a class in how to become a better persuader , although the strategies you learn to identify in the examples we will study can be applied in daily life. L EARNING O UTCOMES By the end of the class, students will be able to analyze the persuasive messages of communication in political and popular culture, including analysis of argument, emotional appeal, image, and language. Students will be able to describe how advertisements, speeches, and other acts use techniques of persuasion to influence audiences. Students will be able to assess public persuasion from multiple ethical frameworks. In addition, students will be more adept at persuading others. C OURSE M ATERIALS TEXT is available at the Temple Bookstore (located in the Student Center): Charles U. Larson, Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility (12 th edition) *All assignments, supplemental readings, and other information are available on Blackboard. Please check Blackboard regularly. C OURSE A SSIGNMENTS 180 points Exams are multiple choice and true and false. They correspond to the three main sections of the Larson book. Exam review sheets will be available on Blackboard at least two weeks prior to each exam. The exams comprise the majority of your course grade so please take them seriously! (60p + 60p + 60p = 180p)
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Persuasion - SC 2112 PERSUASION Temple University Dr Josh Hanan [email protected] Office Hours T/Th 2:00-3:30 pm(and by appointment 224 Weiss

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