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STRC 2112 P ERSUASION Temple University P ERSUASIVE P RESENTATION Name: Presentation Time:_____________ CONTENT ______/ 20p Instructor Comments Introduction _____ Captured audience’s attention _____ Presented a clear thesis Body _____ Presented a persuasive argument _____ Organized in a clear and balanced manner _____ Identified/cited scholarly sources, where appropriate _____ Demonstrated an understanding of effective persuasive tactics
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion _____ Restated thesis _____ Provided closure with effective parting words DELIVERY ______/ 10p _____ Dynamism and enthusiasm _____ Eye contact _____ Used notes unobtrusively/Spoke extemporaneously _____ Minimal distracting mannerisms/vocalized pauses _____ Use of gesture and body language Total Points______/ 30p Deduction for time______ TOTAL POINTS______/ 30p...
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