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Chapter 1 prog to sm - increase generated by a 5 reduction...

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Chapter 1: The Progression to Professional Supply Management A. Intro Purchasing Key Supply Management (SM) processes in the SCOR framework? Supply Management? Strategic Sourcing B. The Five M's of Business: Basic goal of any commercial activity? Five M's? Materials costs have increased Labour costs have decreased Shift in procurement of services (many outsourced) >> Materials & Service costs - increasingly focus of management C. Supply Management and the Bottom Line (Fig 1.2) Impact on Sales ? Impact on Cost (Lower TCO) D. Supply Management and Return on Investment (ROI) What if we decrease materials cost by 5%? A sales increase of 28.8% is required to match the profit
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Unformatted text preview: increase generated by a 5% reduction in materials cost 5% decrease in material cost and 5% increase in sales. ..impact on ROI?? E. The Progression to Strategic Supply Chain Management Supply Chain / Value Chain? Supply and Value Networks Extended Enterprise F. Implementing Strategic Supply Chain Management Diagnostics - what stage of SM evolution? 10 x key variables? G. Role of a SM Professional Leadership ID outsource opportunities Mngt of systems & relationship ID new opportunities H. Concluding remarks Chapter 1- Prog to SM (2011).mmap - 2011/02/22 - JJL...
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