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6 - 8 3-Y Zxcerci RS Note Title EKCeXCHL 0t H Follows “mt...

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Unformatted text preview: 8 3-Y- Zxcerci RS Note Title EKCeXCHL 0t) H: Follows “mt boHA er arrahazwxcvxf o{— (mtg mad Hm. arranaemewk 0+ gloves WW“? Lt, derangemcn‘éS‘ nomouer VULUA 640‘“ $00“ Adawaclmcmt 0+ MISS W1- Cavx Colmkflhe, gunk ACtdlAaszval: 0+ aim/ts. 1 Tkusl We. answer is (AA. L) : ComoMl—{Om Ma“ SUE-5 (oan omd gloves (6.4.- 8') N a (5!) ~ coax }>e(mU+akou\ o{— (mt: can LL Cmen'neVI Bue(3 PGFMU+6LL§9M 0+ alDUe-S U.— ( .. fl N(C,;\ 2 (41? ~ (3ka man has Fixed assign- Wmvxé ( Jsz, Co(F€C,J- one, N and Q; reminih L} Mel/x we. (MIR, ll! Permmtqkoms Fur hat and 4., Permuia‘w'ous For aloU€$ 2 ('éWJSW Mogcfl :(35) v HM and 3—54 Imam MK. Rm”! assi'ahwxcvxts im" 1 of I-‘ J— S. g IQFA wz, a rcwxa hma efiNx Z Me: @535“ 56L (ml- (FHuflLerllmz— fine!) , x rCCSLl. We, (CP(LS€V\'\‘ HA2. experimenjc cm 6‘6 o‘mss Loard wiék pairs JIM/K did ch s‘lnow up dashed, Notice, Hm (aarrahaemewb 0% COIUIMHS ‘RF SimPHA'caHm/s. A : eueanc Unch all gix values acct/red 0v\ 'OO‘El“ real 0tva green 0&0 leaf hone. 0-f— MNZ. \Corbfi 44%“ P" «‘5' . g " SPQCQ, 9% all outc‘vmzs (excel'ch Forkcddevx Pairs |§| = (7.9V Auk not/\JratkinéS Placement" o-F C rocks on Wackzss‘aoarak C (white, squares) Will Cdrcsloomd +0 6’,’ (ans Permvl-AJ‘JOM 0—? “RS 9 Pairs) e‘emen'hs in “finch = rc(C) Howevw we, 0MB Mug 368M:- dag/moi squares $9 We CnMPU1tfi, USN/‘3 Ci (0'66de quq(e$\ “WA inClUSI'oM/QKCIUS'l-Olq. (ti—("SW C; = all six Values OCCU(€A an 501% click, But 6 on #12. red is paired (M'él, om. of {-Bréic’deq r(C'lx\ =(l+‘lx ’r'qu'UNSXe Xz\'(l+ X}: 1+ 2x +12% as)? 1cm“ +26. a — Mch 5% c} 55 66}: G! - 2(9) +2201!) - my.) +\2(213-2(u)+o(o!\: z lgo, ...
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