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how to find the saturation point using ksp

how to find the saturation point using ksp - h t...

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http://cerlabs.brookscole.com/experiments/10875405126.pdf http://www.chem.purdue.edu/gchelp/howtosolveit/equilibrium/solubility_products.htm#Solu bilitypure http://www.chem.purdue.edu/gchelp/howtosolveit/thermodynamics/enthalpychange.html 1) Write the balanced equation: KNO 3 + H 2 O -> K + + NO 3 - + H 2 O 2) Write the ionic balanced equation: KNO 3 -> K + + NO 3 - K sp is the solubility product The solubility product is the simplified constant K sp define for equilibrium between solids and its respective ions in a solution 3) For an equation aA + bB -> cC dD: K sp = [ ][ ] Products Reactants = [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] A a B b C c D d = +[ -][ ] K NO3 KNO3 4) KNO 3 is a solid so it is taken out of the balancing for K sp : K sp = [K + ][NO 3 - ] 5) Information about , , ∆H ∆S and ∆G ∆H ∆H is the enthalpy change. If ∆H is positive, heat must be added to the solution for the solute to dissolve. If ∆H is negative, the solute dissolving in water will give off heat. ∆S ∆S is the entropy change. It indicates the relative disorder of the dissolved ions with respect to the solute.
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