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(act4) Romeo and Juliet - 6 Friar Laurence's plan for...

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1. Lament means: A) to mourn B) to cover C) to sing D) to laugh 2. The main character in a literary work is the: A) characterization B) antagonist C) protagonist D) symbol 3. The character in conflict with the main character is the: 4. The apothecary gave Romeo a vial for later use. What does vial mean? 5. Why doesn't Friar Laurence want to marry Paris and Juliet? A) because he doesn't like Paris B) because she is already married to Romeo C) because he is afraid that Romeo will get angry at him D) because he is going out of town
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Friar Laurence's plan for Juliet includes: A) take a potion B) fake her death C) notify Romeo by letter D) all of these 7. Upon her "death", what does Shakespeare use to describe Juliet? A) the sun B) a flower C) a frost D) an angel 8. Who is/are the protagonist in the play? A) both B) Juliet C) Romeo D) neither 9. Who is the antagonist in the play? A) County Paris B) Montagues C) nurse D) Capulets 10. Romeo found Tybalt to be loathsome. Loathsome means: A) disgusting B) caring C) handsome D) predominant...
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