(act5) Romeo and Juliet

(act5) Romeo and Juliet - B) to kiss him goodbye C) to...

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1. Ambiguity means: A) uncertainty B) certain C) cleverness D) strength 2. The central message in a story is: A) conflict B) protagonist C) theme D) symbol 3. What does Balthasar tell Romeo? A) He must leave Verona. B) Juliet has faked her death. C) Juliet is waiting for him. D) Juliet is dead. 4. The man was haughty after winning the race. Haughty means: A) excited B) clever C) strong D) arrogant 5. Why should Romeo know that Juliet is not dead? A) She left him a letter. B) Her heart is still beating. C) Her cheeks are rosy. D) Balthasar told him. 6. Why does Juliet kiss Romeo after he is dead? A) to see if he is warm
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Unformatted text preview: B) to kiss him goodbye C) to poison herself D) to poison him 7. Who tells the story of Romeo and Juliet at the play's end? A) Friar John B) Friar Laurence C) Montague D) Prince Escalus 8. Which of the following is not a theme of the story? A) Love your enemy. B) Love others unconditionally. C) Don't judge others. D) Protect your family. 9. Peruse means: A) to dig B) to listen C) to read D) clever 10. How do Montague and Capulet plan to honor their children? A) cease fighting B) build a memorial C) join families D) bury them together...
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