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Death of a Salesman SG

Death of a Salesman SG - Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller...

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Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Setting Yonkers, New York (present) and New England (back flashes) Background Information Willy Loman is a traveling salesman who has worked for the Wagner Company for thirty-four years. He is now sixty-one years old and has been taken off salary and put back on straight commission, and he is unable to earn enough money to pay the bills. Charley, the Lomans' neighbor, has been giving money to Willy every month to meet his payments, even though Willy is too proud to accept a payroll job from him. Charley's son Bernard, who was in school with Willy's sons, has become a successful lawyer. Willy's two sons, Biff and Happy, come back home and are temporarily sharing their old room. Biff is the oldest son who was a football star in high school with several scholarships, but for the last fourteen years he has been unable to find himself. He returned from somewhere in the West due to his mother's request for him to see his father. Happy works in a department store and has his own apartment in another part of New York. Willy has been plagued by daydreams and illusions, and the play begins with his driving home prematurely from one of his New England business trips due to the fact that he cannot concentrate on the road. Major Characters Willy Loman - the salesman who is past his prime, and who was never an exceptional businessman in his prime Linda Loman - Willy's wife who loves him despite all of his difficulties Biff Loman - Willy's eldest son for whom he had dreams of greatness Happy Loman - Willy's younger son Charley - Willy's neighbor Bernard - Charley's son Ben - Willy's brother who left home very early and became tremendously wealthy; appears only in Willy's daydreams Howard Wagner - son of former owner of the Wagner Company; he now runs the firm and is responsible for putting Willy on straight commission The Woman - Willy's mistress from Boston Miss Forsythe and Letta - Two girls that Happy picks up at the restaurant Plot Summary Willy Loman has been traveling salesman for the Wagner Company for thirty-four years. He likes to think of himself as vital to the New England area. A long time ago, Willy met a salesman named Dave Singleman who could go into a town and pick up a phone and would be able to place many orders without ever leaving his hotel room.
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When this man died, people from all over the country came to his funeral, and this man became Willy's inspiration. As the play opens, Willy has just come back home after having left for New England that morning. He tells his wife, Linda, that he just can't seem to keep his mind on driving anymore. He asks about his son, Biff, and he drifts off to when Biff was a high school senior fourteen years ago. Biff was playing in an important football game and people from all over the country were coming to offer him scholarships. Then something happened later that year, because Biff did not go to college and has yet to find himself. It is later revealed that Biff has failed math and had gone up to Boston to
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Death of a Salesman SG - Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller...

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