htest1_review - Topics Food, Inc Themes: corporations,...

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Vocabulary – 10 of these words will be used in the matching portion of the test. Definitions are taken directly from the book. Study ALL words as many are used throughout the test in other questions and knowing their definition will help understand and answer the questions. Distance Decay Projection Dependency Ratio Arable Land Concentration Hearth Region Distribution Life Expectancy Doubling Time Total Fertility Rate Agribusiness Cereal grain Diffusion Green Revolution Pattern Globalization Environmental Determinism Site Situation Natural Increase Rate Crude Birth Rate Crude Death Rate Demographic Transition Pastoral Nomadism Carrying Capacity
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Unformatted text preview: Topics Food, Inc Themes: corporations, mechanization, assembly line, bacteria, what else? Guns, Germs, and Steel Themes: question, theory Doubling Time – how to figure = 72/NIR = DT Top Ten Most Populated Countries Globalization – traits, effects, Total Fertility Rate – trends LDCs diet verses MDCS diet 3 Population Ratios and what they best represent 1 st Agricultural Revolution crops Post-Cold War Globalization Fair Trade Pro & Anti Natal Policies Relative and Absolute Location Core and Periphery Countries Influenced if population growth 3 types of regions...
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htest1_review - Topics Food, Inc Themes: corporations,...

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