Banana Exam 2A Key

Banana Exam 2A Key - Homework Key You recently graduated...

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You recently graduated from the University of Arkansas and you landed a good job with a good company. You celebrated your $50,000 salary with a new Camaro. You’ll be working as a forecast and inventory analyst. After spending the first week in San Diego moving into your office cubical, your boss says that you should spend some time in Costa Rica getting familiar with the entire logistical process of how Dole moves products from the jungle to America’s dinner table. You can even take your girlfriend (or boyfriend whichever you prefer) to Central America with you. After arriving at the Dole plantation in Costa Rica you decide to collect some initial data. You learn that Dole operates two container ships on the west coast. While one ship is loading in Costa Rica, the other is unloading in San Diego. From there most containers are loaded onto truck chassis and delivered to distributions centers for Wal-Mart, Kroger, other major grocery chains, or stored in the San Diego warehouse. The time to load a vehicle in Costa Rica, sail to San Diego, and unload into the warehouse is 29 days. So you decided that your forecast interval will the calendar month. Here is some past data. Month
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Banana Exam 2A Key - Homework Key You recently graduated...

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