Case - PEARLS project

Case - PEARLS project - P EARLS P roject Case Six months...

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PEARLS Project Case Six months ago, Mike was hired from Hallmark Cards where he was instrumental in re- engineering the distribution operation and successfully implemented the company’s next generation of distribution technology. The project saved the company millions of dollars per year and Mike became valuable as a next-generation warehouse manager. Mike moved his family to Dallas, TX to help Pearle Vision through the same process. Soon after his arrival at Pearle he was promoted from warehouse manager to the management of the PEARLS (Pearle’s Advanced Real-time Logistics System) project. The PEARLS project involved replacing the entire distribution system with a new ERP and distributed warehouse management system. The project team was comprised of four divisions including: Purchase Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, and Warehouse Management. Each division was headed by a manager and had dedicated analysts, programmers, and trainers. Senior management at Pearle knew the PEARLS project was important from both an operational and technical standpoint. They wanted the system to help manage inventory and people more efficiently and therefore they expected rapid payback toward the $10 million project cost. They also knew the system had to be technologically nimble so it could adjust with their business as requirements changed. For these reasons, the PEARLS project was set up with co-project managers that had equal power. Mike represented operations and was responsible for assuring that the new system provided outstanding planning and execution capabilities. Deborah was appointed as the technical project manager and was responsible for assuring that the platform would be efficient, easy to manage, save maintenance costs, and stand the test of time. The two managers were to collaborate on the management of the team and decision making. Pearle Vision operated a central distribution center and laboratory in Dallas, TX. From this campus they supplied over 1000 stores in the United States and Canada. Most of the stores included laboratory equipment capable of assembling a pair of glasses in about an hour. Other stores relied on the central laboratory for the production and delivery of most
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Case - PEARLS project - P EARLS P roject Case Six months...

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