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19lesliewhite - adjustment to habitat-adjustment with other...

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January 19, 1900-1975 Studied at Columbia university Always against Boas Soldier at the end of WWI Science of Culture and Evolution of Culture Suigeneris-consists of laws that are enforced onto a culture and all laws are constituents of culturology Focal point-Thermodynamics-studied mostly by a physicist and White took it to study cultures Thermodynamics-conversion of energy 2 nd law of thermodynamics-“universe is running down (structurally and dynamically), thereby increasing in disorder, resulting in entropy” ultimate entropy=death entropy runs positively and negatively organisms take negative out-“sucking orderliness” this reduces entropy everything is only to obtain energy biological evolution-progress of energy moving opposite life finds expression through quantitative and qualitative
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Unformatted text preview: adjustment to habitat-adjustment with other organisms culture-organization of things in motion 3 factors-energy tools process energy x technology yields product stages of energy revolution-man relied on himself first revolution is the invention of tools (obtain more calories and lower entropy) second is Neolithic revolution-domestication of plant and animals (man is domesticated) 18 th century-harnessing of fossil fuels 4 th-harnessing of atomic energy culture develops as the efficiency or economy of the means of controlling energy increases, other factors remain inconstant layer cake model: 3 tier cake-bottom is economy 2 nd social and political organization 1 st-ideology which leads to cultural evolution...
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  • ultimate entropy=death entropy, inconstant layer cake, energy biological evolution-progress, tools process energy, technology yields product

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