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May 18,1915 Died nov 14,1996 Served in Spanish civil war and WWII Columbia university University of Michigan Studied under Steward Fieldwork in Paraguay Friends with fried-political evolution Bands, tribes, chiefdoms, and states to classify Bands-small scale, mobile hunter gathers, no more than 100 people, group boundaries are hard to find, work in neighboring groups, leadership positions are individualized and changeable made by charisma division of labor based on age and gender Tribes-larger than bands 2-3k people, (not generally) agricultural plants and domestic animals, (not always) sedentary, multiple communities, egalitarian, linked through kinship Chiefdoms-hierarchical, inherited differences, allow access to goods information status and rank, leadership is ascribed or inherited, institutionalized power, internally differentiated, surplus of goods, chief has
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Unformatted text preview: nicer home, 10k+ State-internally differentiated, stratified, distinct socio-economic classes, hierarchical, more complex, less based on kinship ties, bureaucracies, territorially largest, first perhaps in Mesopotamia? Cultural Evolutionism Practice 1971 18 th century-influenced by urban centers, national states, economy, open world to European dominance, lineal evolution reaction to god-given world –must know history before fully understanding society19 th century-empiricism, less ethnocentric 3 questions: what is evolving, how does it evolve?, what causes it? Marxism-economic and technologic 20 th century-move away from evolutionism, more imp-ethnography, influence of environment dominance-destruction or simulation, colonialism, political rule, indirect rule involution-continue a functional way of life with a small change 38 5, 6, 5, 11-27...
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