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San Fransicso 1926 Navy in WWII Bachelor of arts in philosophy PhD from Harvard-studied social relations Anthropology staff at university of Chicago Princeton-professor Died I n2006 Fieldwork in southeast asia and north Africa worked on religion specifically islam, bazaar trade, economic development, village and family life Champion of symbolic anthropology Founder of interpretive anthropology-at the core of culture is a set of integrated moral values that preserve the correspondence of the world as it is with how it should be System of inherited expressions Behavior and its context THE WORK Certain ideas come about that result in many problems
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Unformatted text preview: Thick description Wink-involuntary twitch, conspiratorial signal, ridicule of twitch Need background information to fully understand something Take in context of group-emic approach Ethnography-interpretation of another culture What goes on in the head is expressed through behavior 3 characteristics of description 1) interpretive-what is interpretive, 2) social communication, 3) put it in pursuable terms *4 microscopic not predicted-theories of the culture cultural development is intrinsically incomplete wed-bioanth test, worksheets thurs-...
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