Contemporary Anthro Theory Part 1

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Anthropology -Anthrop-human kind -Ology-the study of -The study includes ALL places and through ALL of time -Divided into primarily 4 subfields-subfields then get subdivided Physical Anthropology/Biological Anthropology -paleoanthropology-study of evolution of humans-split may have occurred to 5- 7 million years ago: bipedalism -primatology -human variation-look at human race-species-appearance -forensic anthropology Archaeology -look at material remains -how human cultures have changed and why -prehistoric or historic-written records *problem: could be biased
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Unformatted text preview: -cultural resource management Cultural Anthropology (Ethnology) *The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences-fieldwork yields ethnography Linguistic Anthropology-semantic domain-words a culture uses show importance to them-phonemes-smallest unit of sound-morphemes-smallest unit of meaning-study the origins of certain words-connect people through language-displacement-cant talk about something even when its not there...
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