5franzboas - jumped into lifelong investigation of...

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French structural British social American cultural American cultural-Franz Boas holistic emphasis on cultural anthropology that  took in all four aspects (cultural, biological, linguistic, applied, archaeology) Boas-research required cultural relativism pioneered cultural relativism Raised in Germany-secular-he was interested in natural history, botany,  Considered father of American anthropology Did a lot of work in linguistic, anthropology and physical Has phd in science-geography, physics, philosophy Dissertation-contribution to the color of water Color of water led him to anthropology Year long expedition in arctic  *must understand traditions to understand a culture 
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Unformatted text preview: jumped into lifelong investigation of Bellacula Indians adamant that information must be firsthand-NO armchair anthropologists trained famous anthros boring lecturer unless theyre very interested curator at Field Museum-got citizenship in U.S. forced to resign-Museum of Natural History in NY-he was very outwardly spoken and had personal conflicts grab and get as much info as possible valued inductive approach-let facts speak for themselves-can’t make comparative generalizations unless you have A LOT of data extremely critical of comparative method no superior culture-therefore cannot be unilineal evolution...
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5franzboas - jumped into lifelong investigation of...

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