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9 - Symbolic anthropology(popular in 70s and cognitive and...

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French structuralism-based on linguistics Underlying structure to understand anthropology Believed we must compartmentalize Structures of logic are innate Products of our culture are segmented and ordered Levi-Strauss worked heavily in this area De Saussure Jakobson Phoneme-smallest unit of sound Morpheme-smallest unit of sound with meaning Durkheim influenced this Goal: getting at unstructured human culture by looking at symbols in a culture Tries to move away from social institutions but tries to look at how human mind has organized this (church vs religion)
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Unformatted text preview: Symbolic anthropology (popular in 70s) and cognitive and post-modern anthropology is influenced by French structuralism Moiety-binary opposites-can be categorized • Generalization: all human minds are exposed to this Replaced existentialism If structuralism is true, what does this say about human choice and freedom • Opposes freedom Meaning is produced and reduced Structuralists believe that the structures of all human minds forms a deep grammar • Deep rules of society o Just as grammar refers to language at an unconscious level...
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