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EMILE DURKHEIM -born April 15, 1858 -born in Epinal in Lorraine-northeast region of France this is located near Germany -knew several foreign languages-France, German, Italian, English -Jewish-father, grandfather, great-grandfather were rabbis -entered Ecole Normale Superieure famous classmates read August Comte and Herbert Spencer Auguste Comte practiced sociological positivism for the natural sciences and Durkehim applied this to social sciences -France’s school system didn’t have social science, so he graduated 2 nd to last -after went to Germany to study sociology empiricism-disliked Cartesian method moved back to France-Bordeaux area to teach pedagogy and sociology- first sociology teacher in France-introduced social science to France -biggest criticism was he thought religion was a social occurrence
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Unformatted text preview: -sociology department at University of Bordeaux-prominent position-chair of education at Sorbonne he was very leftist, but the right movement caused him stress his own son, andre died from the war in 1915, Durkheim never recovered and died from stroke in 1917 in Paris Religion-God is society-religion was used socially for bonding GOALS: identify social origin of religion and seek connections between different religions Major works-Montesquieu’s contributions to the formation of social science-dissertation-Divison of Labour in Society Rules of the Sociological Method On the Normality of Crime Suicide L’Anee Sociologique Sociology and its Scientific Domain Elementary Forms of Religious Life...
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