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Claude Levi Strauss Born in 1908 in Brussels Lived in Paris-father was painter University of Sorbonne-studied philosophy and law Offered sociology position in Brazil-moved with wife Made contact wish natives 1935-1939 Wife was doing most of research, when she got sick, he continued Wrote Triste Tropic After Brazil, came back to France and helped with war effort in France Dismissed from job because of Jewish descent Fled Europe-job at New School of Social Research in New York Met American Anthropology-Franz Boas Boas died in his arms during lunch Introduced to native American mythology Also met lifelong colleague Russian Roman Jakobson Became very interested in Anthropology
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Unformatted text preview: Jakobson was structural linguist Formulated concept of phonemes Phonemes influenced Strauss’s idea of binary opposition Universal logic of dualities-life and death, fire and water Society mediates both of these ideas Looked at women’s roles in society and determined that there are 4 basic relationships –each was either positive or negative-2 positive and 2 negative War ended-moved back to france 1959-chair of sociology-college du France elected to academy francese-first to reach 100 Father of French Structural Anthropology-wanted social science to reach level of analytical intelligence...
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