15evanspritchardforte - Malinowski publicly disagreed and...

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18:25 Forte Born in 1906 in South Africa Studied at London school of economics Political science and phd in psychology Switched to anthropology in 1932 Received training under Malinowski Specialize in African social structure Worked in Ghana Part of British Strucual Functionalism-this is how he analyzed kinship, family, and ancestor worship Role of ancestral worship in daily life Emphasized empirical evidence Social institutions were building blocks of society Political and economic are underlying structures that hold together society Forced to structure culture Criticism-lack of consideration for history-esp archaeology (material culture) Died in 1983 EE Evans Pritchard Born in 1902 Oxford and London School of Economics Worked in Southern Sudan Under Malinowski 1932 got into anthropology
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Unformatted text preview: Malinowski publicly disagreed and distanced himself from him Served in WWI Wrote about Terica-first of radical Islamics Converted to Catholicism Professor of Oxford Knighted in 1971 Developed theory of structural functionalism (Radcliffe brown) Father of symbolic anthropology Rejected idea of society as a machine Supporter of cultural relativism Focus-understanding religious aspects Viewed translation as the biggest problem-how to understand parts of other culture and retelling it Work-Theories of Primitive Religion Criticized atheist anthropologists Emphasized value of fieldwork Died in 1983 Goal-convenient reference book for anthropologists Symbols tie people together Comparative studies 2 groups-west centralized authority-other-no status...
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15evanspritchardforte - Malinowski publicly disagreed and...

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