tut1 - 3 Read Palepu and Healy(2003 Discuss the following a...

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SCHOOL OF BANKING AND FINANCE FINS5514 CAPITAL BUDGETING AND FINANCIAL DECISIONS TUTORIAL COVERING WEEK 1 – AGENCY THEORY 1. Outline some of the factors that lead to an increase in agency costs within a firm. 2. Discuss some of the internal mechanisms available to help minimise or alleviate agency conflicts in a large public corporation. How effective are these techniques?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Read Palepu and Healy (2003). Discuss the following: a. What are the main reasons that the authors give for the fall of Enron? b. What solutions do they suggest? c. Could the Enron situation have been prevented and how? 4. Discuss the impact (or lack) of corporate governance on the Global Financial Crisis....
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