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What is unique to life? Fig. 1-2 Cell membrane contains protoplasm and somehow inside, cells are "alive." (1) Complex - Cells have very complex macromolecules (DNA, RNA, protein). In general, entropy (disorder) increases [we will return to this point in a later lecture]. However, in Biology, small systems are defined, enclosed in cells, that defy this generalization (2) Movement, Responsiveness (irritability, sensitivity, excitability) (3) Development, Growth, Form (4) Metabolism - exchange energy -Catabolic (breakdown) -Anabolic (build-up) *(6) Homeostasis (regulation)
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Unformatted text preview: Example#1 Thermostat, servo mechanism, negative feedback. Example#2 Weight regulation 1 cookie/day = 25 lb/yr *(7) Evolution is major unifying principle Life on Earth is 3 1/2 billion yrs old (and presumably all organisms have common ancestor) History from primordial "soup" of molecules to biology, extinctions, etc. *(8) Reproduction - "Survival" in biology is to and reproduce and produce fertile offspring. Example#1- One species definition: Reproduce, fertile offspring Horse - donkey (differenty species) mate to produce the mule -- the mule is sterile...
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