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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PURPOSE EQUIPMENT LIST EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE SAFETY RAW EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS REDUCTION OF EXPERIMENTAL DATA REDUCED RESULTS DISCUSSION OF RESULTS CONCLUSIONS RECOMMENDATIONS NOMENCLATURE REFERENCES 2. Entire report 12 point TNR font. 3. Top of page 1 gives title, affiliation, course, Professor and authors. Hunter Experiment Title CHEG xxxx Laboratory xx Nichols Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering Date xx/xx/xx Smith University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Professor 4. Authors must be in alphabetical order 5. Itemize the EQUIPMENT LIST, EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION AND EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE. 6. EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION* The primary purpose of this report section is to allow your audience to duplicate your experiment; thus, the following template may be helpful *. Equipment item name - Manufacturer - - Size - - Model Number - - Serial Number - 7. DO NOT USE THE HEADER FEATURE IN WORD. 8. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE Itemize. Do not explain why a step is needed, unless that explanation is absolutely necessary. GIVE THE STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PROCEDURE FOR CONDUCTING THE EXPERIMENTS. E.g., Use 1. Open the valve in the pump discharge line. 2. Close the inlet and outlet isolation valves for the flowmeter loop. rather than
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documentationREPORT WRITING GUIDANCE (2) - 1. TABLE OF...

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