October 5th Notes

October 5th Notes - parameters o You can only extract a...

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October 5, 2010 Sampling – A fraction of the total site. o Site distribution and strategic resources o Site size and political structure o Assessing variation in the kinds of residues present at an archaeological site o Probabilistic sampling – all residues have an equal chance of discovery Little known about research area. No specific period or site type prioritized Need general information about contents of research area. o Judgmental sampling – some kinds of residues have a better chance of being discovered than others Rational basis for predicting site locations Time and/or funding limited Results needed quickly o Only probable samples allow you to use statistics to accurately unite population
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Unformatted text preview: parameters. o You can only extract a small amount. • Reconnaissance involves searching records for information about sites located in the research area. o Government surveys, history books, results of previous archaeological research. o Archival research, read results of previous studies • Remote sensing o Aerial photos, satellite imagery • Surface reconnaissance o Walkover surveys • What can you say about behavior from reconnaissance data? o Which periods represented in research area o Whether research area is appropriate from particular research questions. o What chances there are that construction will affect archaeological sites? •...
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October 5th Notes - parameters o You can only extract a...

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