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UNIT 8: Consensus Report 1 UNIT 8: CONSENSUS REPORT UNIT 8: Consensus Report Katrina Manning Kaplan University Andy does not want to eat the chicken because of the way they are inhumanly treated during their lives and end of their lives. Animals have a basic right to life and not to be subjected to brutal or painful treatments. These treatments consist of cutting off their beaks so they won’t peck each other to death, they are kept in tight confined spaces that they have no room to move, and they are treated rough. They have a basic right to life and not to be subjected to brutal or painful treatment because they are a living breathing creature and deserve to be treated as so. It is not immoral to slaughter and eat animals because that is the way of the food chain but torturing them is.
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Unformatted text preview: Moral Consideration should be given to any organism that can feel pain or does the intensity of pain that they are capable of experiencing because it lets that particular living organism can gain a little less pain in their life. UNIT 8: Consensus Report 2 In conclusion, the question of whether or not humans’ interests count more than the interest of non-human animals is left for the individual whom feels it does or doesn’t. In the discussion with my classmates, the majority is it does because we as humans eat the cows, chickens and pigs for nutrition and the taste. Eating for survival and not just because it is there is the key to making sure those animals that do die are not killed in vain. References Ethics: Theory and Practice Chapter 16...
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_Ethic_Unit8 - Moral...

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