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Unit 3 1 UNIT 3: REFLECTION PAPER Unit 3: Reflection Paper Katrina Manning Kaplan University
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Unit 3 2 Unit 3: Reflection Paper The issue I chose to write about is lying. Although some see, lying as ok it is not because it affects others in a negative way. When someone lies, it starts a circle of continuous lies just to cover up the original lie, whether it is a little white lie or an outright lie. A white lie is defined in the text as “a falsehood not meant to injure anyone and of little moral import”, and a lie is defined by the dictionary as “an intentional deceptive massage in the form of a statement”. The text states that some argue that lying is ok when a parent lies to a child so that they do not get hurt or misunderstand. When you lie to a child this is where the line for lying
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Unformatted text preview: becomes a fine one. Children need to keep their innocence as long as possible and sometime shading the truth to keep that for them is necessary. For an example lets use the Santa Clause magic. A Santa Claus would leave goodies in the childrens shoes on the doorstep. Now that he has passed on, his memory it is part of the magic of Christmas and parents keep that magic going. On a serious note when young children ask where do babies come from the response is they come from storks in the sky. This is to keep their innocence, because a child innocence is the best thing for a child to have....
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_Ethics_Unit3 - becomes a fine...

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